19ème Séminaire Franco-Polonais de Mécanique
du 8 au 11 Juin 2011 Université de Perpignan Via Domitia

19th French-Polish Seminar of Mechanics
8-11 June 2011 University of Perpignan, France

Staggered four-order compact scheme for fully inhomogeneous incompressible turbulent flows
Stéphane Abide, Xavier Chesneau, Belkacem Zeghmati

Smart vibration elimination in moving mass systems
Czeslaw I. Bajer, B. Dyniewicz, D. Pisarski

Design, analysis and research of the prototype linear magnetorheological damper
Jacek Mateusz Bajkowski

Recherches et étude de l’influence d’un amortisseur magnetorhéologique
sur le travail d’un stabilisateur d’articulation du genou
Jerzy Bajkowski

Quasistatic contact problems with normal compliance and unilateral constraint :
convergence results and numerical validation
Mikael Barboteu, Mircea Sofonea

Thermal analysis of hydrogen production at high temperature from biomass thermo-chemical conversion
Abdelhamid Belghit, Ervin David Gordillo

Methods and devices for testing of electrical micromotors
Maciej Bodnicki

The deformation of belt on the bow of girding the belt wheel
Marian Dudziak, Grzegorz Domek

Methodology of traction investigations of automotive vehicles during winter conditions
Marian Dudziak,Konrad J. Waluś, Zbigniew Olszewski

Analysis of the pitch line runout in involute splined connections
Jacek Kroczak
, Marian Dudziak

Asymptotic analysis of an adhesive joint
Frédéric Lebon, Raffaella Rizzoni

Modeling of a vehicle equipped with controlled piezoelectric dampers
Michał Makowski
, Wiesław Grzesikiewicz, Lech Knap

On approximations of the thermal diffusivity coefficient for beech
Ireneusz Malujda, Adam Marlewski

Determination of the coefficient of friction between compressed sawdust
and steel at high temperature conditions
Ireneusz Malujda, Krzysztof Talaśka

Experimental testing of the strength of wood subjected to higher temperature
and moisture conditions - compression
Ireneusz Malujda, Krzysztof Talaśka

Why do we need hemivariational inequalities in Contact Mechanics ?
Stanislaw Migorski

Analysis of car dynamics based on a hybrid sky-hook and ground-hook model
Andrzej Mitura
, Jerzy Warmiński

Turbulence modeling based on non-Newtonian constitutive laws
Gilmar Mompean

A review on the different ways of hydrogen storage
Philippe Nardin

Antiplane frictional contact problems for electro-viscoelastic cylinders
Anna Ochal

Analysis of geometrical structure of the selected connections in mechanical engineering
Tomasz Podolski
, Marian Dudziak

Evolutionary algorithms in parameter estimation of constitutive models
Mariusz Pyrz

Influence of temperature on nonlinear forced vibration of system with SMA spring
Danuta Sado, Marek Pietrzakowski

Recent results on the dynamics of the Gao beam
Meir Shillor

Thermodynamic processes in the modelling of dynamic characteristics of impact tools
Michal Sledzinski

Ball screws selection for CNC feed system
Jerzy Z. Sobolewski

Effect of high temperature gradient on the flow characteristics inside a solar receiver
Adrien Toutant
, Françoise Bataille

Numerical analysis and simulations of bone remodeling by strain-adaptive models
Juan M. Viaño

Uncertainty modelling of measurement systems
Konrad J. Walus

Analysis of active vibration suppression by application of macro fiber composite
Jerzy Warminski, Andrzej Mitura, Marcin Bochenski, Tomasz Kazmir,
Wojciech Jarzyna,Michał Augustyniak, Piotr Filipek

Proposition of the controllable granular damper prototype
 Robert Zalewski

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